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Aspirated Systems

Refrigerant Detection Systems safeguard against refrigerant levels exceeding permitted concentration levels, they react effectively in the event of a leak and are available with a Pump Down option.

A single master panel takes readings from multiple spaces though tubing and termination points in different compartments.


  1. Designed to meet F-gas EN378 regulation & ECA approved
  2. 3 different models available, monitoring up to 64 rooms
  3. Ideal installation with City Multi R2 heat recovery VRF systems
Vrf Refrigerant Pump Down Package Mar18 (0.82mb)
Vrf Automatic Pump Down Package Applications Manual Issue 7 080817 Small (2.03mb)
Ks8 Rad Multiple Digital Monitoring Alarm Display Im 050216 (1.45mb)
Ks8 Rdu Remote Control Display Unit Im 281015 (1.26mb)
Ksra1 Face Plate With Alarm Im 091115 (1.94mb)
Ks8 Ssfpa Face Plate With Alarm Im 270715 (0.32mb)
Ks8 Ir8 16 32 Cif Infra Red Aspirated Detector Installation Manual Issue 3 (1.42mb)

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