K-con is applied to one of the world's leading hotels

Project Description: Phased refurbishment of 34 Bedrooms

Kooltech Involvement: RSP invited Kooltech in early at the design stage to consider possible solutions to address some of the key issues they were facing.

Each bedroom was served by a single Concealed Floor Standing VRF Indoor unit with a Kooltech KS9. Discrete return air button sensor and a PAC-YT52CRA simplified controller to allow the occupants to control the temperature within the room. Each indoor unit was connected to the vin card entry system via a 5 Wire adaptor. There was a similar set up for the front of house and the Cocktail Bar excluding the 5 wire adaptors.

Client: Gleneagles Hotel M&E Contractor: ECG Principle Contractor: Thomas Johnstone Consultant: RSP Consulting Engineers LLP

The R2 Heat Recovery Outdoor units were proposed to offer simultaneous Heating/Cooling and each outdoor unit was supplied with an acoustic kit to reduce noise levels due to the condenser compound being situated close to a nearby bedroom.

Kooltech KS8 Port Isolation BC controllers were installed to allow for future expansion and alterations. Service and maintenance would be easy without interrupting the operation of the Air conditioning. One section of the building was not very accessible. The Kooltech solution was to mount the BC controller outside housed in a bespoke Kooltech manufactured weatherproof enclosure.

The touch screen Centralised controller model AE200 connected to the BMS via the IQ3 Excite interface which was supplied by others. Kooltech assisted the controls commissioning and set up with Night Set Back mode to maintain a minimum of 12°c in unoccupied rooms.

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