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Kooltech's new state of the art headquarters is used to showcase traditional VRF air conditioning alongside the innovative award winning Hybrid VRF system. It has a fully functional product showroom and training facility that showcases K-Con bespoke products and Mitsubishi Electric's full range.

Construction on the two storey facility began back in September 2015 with specialist installer T&D Temperature Services employed to help carry out the installation. The primary aim of the air conditioning installation was to compare a traditional VRF system with the innovative Hybrid VRF system. Both systems' energy usage will be monitored over a period of time; the benefits of both solutions can then be highlighted to all of Kooltech's clients. The full range of K-Con products were also installed as part of the project. These products are showcased in the on site demonstration room, which will be used for staff training and also to demonstrate our full range of products to current and prospective clients.

Client: Doig and Smith, Main Contractor: W H Malcolm, Fitout Contractor: Thomas Johnstone, HVAC Contractor: T&D Temperature Services Ltd

Project Description: The PURY-EP700YLM-A VRF system serving the ground floor is also connected to a PWFY-P100BU boiler so recovered heat (energy) can be used to heat stored water to 70 Deg C, this water is then used for hot water serving the breakout areas and toilets. The building is also fitted with an Ecodan system PUHZ-W112VHA and EHPX – VM2C, this system takes over the hot water demand and corridor, stairwell wet heating system and an UFH circuit, the system has been designed on a bivalent control, and will switch over when ambient temperatures reach a lower pre-set value. This makes the system more efficient when heat is not available to recover from the VRF system in winter.

Kooltech Involvement: Each Branch Control and Hybrid Branch control box is fitted with port isolation valves, making any future work or repair easier to work on, with local isolation allowing the system to operate in other areas without disruption, while repairs or alteration can be carried out. Kooltech have also developed a bespoke K-con BEMS control panel designed around the buildings needs, utilising Mitsubishi Electric controllers and interfaces, the control system controls the entire buildings HVAC systems, lights, wet heating systems, underfloor heating system and Hot water system and pumps. The panel is also fitted with full energy monitoring on all systems, so energy usage can be drilled down to either building, floor, room, system or fan coil.

Using advanced refrigerant technology between the outdoor unit and a Hybrid Branch Control Box, the system transfers energy around the building, offering simultaneous heating and cooling, milder off coil temperatures, faster defrosts, and no critical refrigeration concerns. The advanced Melco-Remote control system has also been installed, this is being used to monitor the energy usage, including city multi units, the Ecodan heating range, lighting and also extract fans for the new on site factory. With the £4 million project now complete, Kooltech has now officially opened its doors to its new Head Quarters and is already reaping the benefits of the K-Con bespoke product range as it works alongside Mitsubishi Electric technologies. "Our customers trust us to deliver the best solutions for them and we therefore took the decision to use each floor to showcase the 2 different solutions in the City Multi portfolio as well as all of the K-Con product range. The building also has full energy monitoring taking place between the two newly installed systems, this will provide energy usage statistics that can highlight the differences between the two solutions"

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