Trump Turnberry

Trump's complete overhaul

Turnberry hotel is now under the management of the ‘Trump Organisation’ and renamed Trump Turnberry. The hotel has been fully refurbished to Trump’s specification. Kooltech originally supplied the equipment to Arthur McKay for Turnberry Hotel 6 years prior to this refurbishment.

Project Description: The design brief was to bring the existing systems and controls up to the same standard as the design and installation of the hotel’s new extension.

Client: Trump Organisation Consultant: Arthur Mckays Design Team Principle Contractor: ISG M&E Contractor: Arthur Mckay

Kooltech Involvement: Kooltech worked alongside Arthur McKay’s design and project teams to utilise the existing systems where possible, but most importantly, put forward tailored ideas and proposals to meet the client’s strict specification.

There where two sections to the refurbishment, "Section1" existing hotel bedrooms and "Section 2" the Hotels new extension; incorporating the extra bedrooms.

Within the new extension, Five WR2 Water cooled VRF Heat Recovery systems were installed with a mixture of floor mounted chassis type units and standard ducted units, K-con KS8 BC controllers with port isolation. Each bedroom was also supplied with a bespoke K-Con brass simplified controller. Kooltech stripped down and rebuilt three water-cooled condensers off-site at their factory in Glasgow so they could fit through the doorway of a small loft space. The units were returned and re-built on site. This was the first time this has been done by either Kooltech or Mitsubishi Electric in the UK.

The existing bedrooms were brought up to the same standard as the new installation and existing equipment was utilised where possible. Existing BC controllers were replaced with K-con KS8 including port isolation. They replaced a number of floor mounted and ducted indoor units but utilised the existing WR2 condensers, pipework and wiring. Again each bedroom controller was replaced with a new bespoke K-con Brass simplified controller.

Each bedroom was supplied with a 3 wire adapter to connect to the Vin Card entry system and the Night Setback function was programmed into the AE200 controller to maintain the room's temperature at 16°C when unoccupied.

Kooltech provided five AE200 centralised controllers which were mounted on their panels. A BMS Trend interface was supplied by ECC - IQ3Excite to connect into AE200’s to allow the hotel front end to monitor and control the Air Conditioning systems. Kooltech were present on site during the commissioning process to offer assistance to Arthur McKay & ECC. Kooltech also supplied bespoke cassette collars to enclose the cassettes because there was no suspended ceiling - otherwise, the cassette services would have been exposed.

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